Mijael Bueno

Mijael Bueno Mijael Bueno @Salsa Connexion Mijael Bueno @Salsa Connexion Mijael Bueno @Salsa Connexion

He has attended to more than 20 Cuban & Salsa congresses in Europe and Mexico and visited Cuba several times to seek for fresh knowledge.

Mijael has been learning from renowned 1st Soloist dancers of the “Conjunto Folclorico de Cuba” like Ivan Valdespinos, Domingo Pau, Luanda Pau, Harold Ferran Molina, Leonardo Martinez and well-known Cuban artists living in Europe like Maykel Fonts, Yoannis Tamayo, Yoandy Villaurrutia & many others.

He recently arrived to the Netherlands and started teaching Cuban Salsa, Rumba & Afro Cuban right away after his arrival. Dancing has become a career as hard as his actual Master studies and sometimes even harder.

Mijael keeps growing as a dancer by giving lessons, going to congresses and workshops, participating in competitions and a full commitment to daily practice. His passion has become more solid after the input of energy and enthusiasm received from his students. He likes to push forward his students and to help them connect with dancing, better said, a part of being humans that we are intrinsically connected to.

Mijael Bueno @Salsa Connexion     Mijael Bueno