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To participate in the course you must first register online and pay the course fee according to one of the following payment methods.
You will then receive a confirmation Email.

Payment methods

– Cash: On location you can only pay in cash
– Bank: For banktransfer (full course) we offer payments with Ideal.

Claim your discount!

Claim your 10 euro discount by paying before or during the OPEN DAYS. This discount expires at the day the socond class-week of the course starts.

Trial Dates (also first lesson of the course)

Salsa & Bachata: 29 April untill 2 May 2019
Kizomba: 6 & 7 May 2019
Keep in mind, you can only pay cash on location and online by iDeal

Prices course per person – April-July 2019

11 week course – 60min– Salsa, Bachata: regular rate € 110,-

10 week course – 60min– Kizomba: regular rate € 100,-

2 courses**: € 190,-
3 courses**: € 255,-
4 courses**: € 310,-
5 courses** or more = unlimited: € 350,- (Follow unlimited lessons that fit your level)

When following 2 or more courses, 5 euro will be deducted per 10-week course.

**EXTRA COSTS for a 75 min class
75min lesson = + €20

You are a full-time student. PhD does not count. You receive 10 euro additional discount. Please take in consideration that you will receive an Email later on, in which we ask you to provide us a copy of the registration certificate or student card with current academic year.

Yes, contact the teacher: info(at)salsaconnexion.nl


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