Shines on2

Shines on2 –

Salsa Shines with Sander & Marilu!

Feel like learning new things this autumn? Every Tuesday night you can join our Shines Class. Every week we will challenge you with a new shine. Level is intermediate

In 1 hour you warm-up, learn some techniques behind the shines, practice the shines on different kinds of music, dance together and go home with a big smile!

What are Shines?
Shines are movements in Salsa that you do on your own (solo). It’s not only footwork, it’s moving with your whole body! We play a lot with the rythms in Salsa en dynamics in the music. When you go social dancing, you can use the shines in between your partnering.

Why doing Shines?
– Build up your own strength and balance
– Develop your creativity
– Feel more confident on the dancefloor
– It’s a great workout