Waiting-list / Signing up for classes

Waiting-list, how does it work and why?

We use a balancing system so that the difference between the number of women and men cannot become too great. This benefits lesson progression and lesson quality.
The sooner everybody signs up for their classes the sooner the dance school can see what the balance is.
We urge people to sign up for the waiting-list if they want to join the class when possible.

For our Members & Punch-card holders

As soon as a place is available, everyone on the waiting list will receive an email notification and/or a notification via the dance school app. Then we apply: first come, first served. 
“Bueno student app”: There is an option to download our dance school app, on which you will immediately receive a notification if there is room. Handy if you don’t constantly check your email.

In addition, we monitor the waiting list of registrations and do our best to let everyone participate. Are you on the waiting list for a long time? please contact us! This creates a contact moment to look for a suitable solution.

Active dance school members that sign up the waiting-list. We try to let them participate all. We will add you to the class or we will contact you.

For New students / first time and have not purchased any product/class yet

After signing up for the waiting-list, please also contact the dance school by whatsapp on the number at the contact page.
This creates a contact moment to look for a suitable solution.