Learn to Dance Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba in Eindhoven!

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"

Salsa Connexion stands for connection with yourself, your partner and the music. With dance you can have fun while developing your skills and learn to be present, in control and in connection with your body.

Confidence, feeling free and being able to express yourself is not only applicable in dance, but also in life: “You live the way you dance and you dance the way you live”.

Dance Company Salsa Connexion is dedicated to spreading the joy of Latin music & dances through dance classes, social parties and events.

We’re more than a dance school; we’re a supportive community where friendships and genuine interactions flourish. From building connections and improving health, to promoting cultural exchange, we’re committed to building a stronger, more connected Eindhoven!

Our Classes

Our Levels

Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba Level 1: Absolute Beginner (14-18 Classes)

You will learn the fundamental techniques & theory of this Latin dance. You will also learn the dance Merengue to teach how to transfer your weight and develop the first coordinated steps. After this course you will be able to dance short combinations and basic turns, which you can literally use all over the world! After this class you can continue with Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba Level 2: Beginners+.

Salsa / Bachata Level 2: Beginner+ (Ongoing level = no starting or end date)

From Level 2 = Beginner+ onwards, there are no more start and end dates, and there is no longer a course format. It is an ongoing level with drop-in classes several days a week and you can therefore join and participate at any time.

This Salsa class is for people with already some experience in Salsa dance and/or have finished our Salsa Level 1: Absolute Beginner. Please keep in mind that a good foundation of basic techniques is VERY IMPORTANT for the rest of your dancing years to come. To enter Salsa Level 2 you need to have followed 14-18 classes at Salsa Connexion at Salsa Level 1.

Why Beginner+ or Level 1+?

Within Salsa Connexion we see that students need around 30+ = 6-8 Months of classes for a good foundation in order to join Salsa Level 3 in a way that you are comfortable in joining the existing group, where a strong basic foundation is needed to keep up. With completing Salsa 1 and 1+ you will have enough knowledge and experience to join the Salsa Level 3 group.

From Improver & higher levels onwards, there are also no more start and end dates (as this is from the beginner+ level), and there is no longer a course format. It is an ongoing level with drop-in classes several days a week and you can therefore join and participate at any time. Staying in level 3, 4 or for usually goes up to 1 year per level.
For more information about the levels and requirements please go to our Dance and Levels Page, Click here

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Reviews Salsa Connexion

yanki cobanogluyanki cobanoglu
21:05 03 Mar 24
It’s so much fun to learn a new dance! Every week is full of learning, joy and passion. So I highly recommend Salsa Connexion for the next chapter in your dancing journey.
Aggelos FotiouAggelos Fotiou
17:45 03 Mar 24
"Attending classes at Salsa Connexion for over a year has been a transformative experience for me. As someone who had never danced before, stepping into their studio changed my everyday life. Not only have I honed my dancing skills, but I've also found a community where I've made lasting friendships. 🕺 The teachers are both professional and approachable, making learning enjoyable and accessible. 🌟 And the social parties they organize are simply top-notch. 🎉 Highly recommend for anyone looking to embark on a dancing journey!"
ETR TrueComETR TrueCom
09:37 23 Jan 24
Pavel UrubcikPavel Urubcik
21:55 18 Jan 24
I'm having a blast at Salsa Connexion. Sander is great a teacher and together with Marilu they make it fun, positive but also challenging.
Daniel DanevDaniel Danev
11:54 31 Jul 23
A great dancing school!I started with salsa and fell in love with dancing; I've since also started taking bachata lessons.The classes are fun, but challenging - as you follow the lessons you're always going to be on the limit of your capabilities, which is a great way to learn.
Marijana PesicMarijana Pesic
09:10 05 Jul 23
The salsa lessons are great! Teachers are super nice, helpful and fun, which makes the dancing even more enjoyable. They give great tips, and focus on everyone. People who attend classes are super nice and respectful. I would recommend anyone to come to a trial lesson at least!
Jessica SmarschJessica Smarsch
19:33 10 May 23
Classes at Salsa Connexion are fun and well-thought out for all levels of dancers. They are taught in English so the classes also attract an international group. SC also hosts “socials” regularly where you can practice what you’ve learned in the classes. Socials are fun and the best way to improve in a relaxed but exciting environment. Also a great way to meet new people. Highly recommended!
Olyana ZanevaOlyana Zaneva
17:42 03 May 23
Salsa Connexion is a great place to learn dancing while having fun and meeting new people. All the people and teachers are super nice and I always leave the class with a smile. The teachers do an excellent job and I am really happy with this classes. Highly recommended!!!
Nicky van den HeuvelNicky van den Heuvel
13:22 25 Apr 23
Following lessons at Salsa Connextion feels like a weekly party.Very good lessons, together with good vibes. The explanation of the teachers are very professional.The breaking down of the moves is very clearly and simpel that everybody can learn.This is always with a lot of fun.The moves you learn are very usefull, meaning that you can dance them everywhere with everybody.Because of the switching of partners,the people I meet every week feels like family.This way we as students also learn form each other.Learning to dance at Salsa Connextion in Connextion to make a Connextion.


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