Our Prices

Absolute Beginner Course

  • Absolute Beginner classes/course [Level 1] can only be followed with a single or course ticket.

Our dance school offers complete course tickets for your convenience which registers you for all upcoming classes of the selected course.

Course Ticket: For our Absolute Beginner courses we only offer course tickets. 1 time payment and ready to go for the course.
Starting later then week 3 or 4 is not recommended, since it is important to learn the basics. Without dance experience after week 4 we recommend to wait for the next course to start.

Prices for Course Tickets: Beginner courses vary in class duration (60, 75, 90 minutes) and the number of weeks, you can find the price when you select the desired course in the class schedule.


  • Due to maximum capacity in the absolute beginner courses we only offer “course tickets”.
  • Punchcards & memberships can not be used on absolute beginner classes.

Beginner Plus, Improver, Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced, and Advanced classes

From beginner Plus (Level 2) up to higher levels our dance school offers a flexible system which allows you to join at any moment and to choose the option that best fits your lifestyle and budget:

You can choose between a Membership, Punchcard or Single Classes. With all of our packages you can follow both Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba classes. 

Punch card: use credits whenever possible with a validity of 6 months.
Membership: automated and worry free, upgrading and downgrading is possible, as you can read in our Membership information. (Click here). 

  • Are you planning on following classes regularly every week? Then a Membership gives you the best value for money! Choose between a membership of 3 months or 6 months.
  • Do you prefer to follow classes from time to time because your work or personal schedule is different each week? Then a Punchcard is a good choice!

Would you like to try a lesson once? Don’t hesitate to book a single class in our online schedule.


  • Memberships are automatically renewed monthly after the minimum contract period [3 or 6 months].
  • There is a one-month notice period when you end your membership.
  • Memberships can not be used for Level 1 classes. Read “Absolute Beginner Course section”


  • Memberships can not be used for absolute beginner courses. Due to maximum capacity in these classes we only offer course tickets.
  • With your membership you can sign up for any dance style (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba) and any day you want.
  • You can start your membership whenever you want by selecting the starting date in the purchase process.
  • Cancelling your membership? read more click here
  • During Christmas monthly membership credits are transferred to a Christmas Break punchcard with a 12-month validity. Read more here.


  • One time purchase – no auto-renewal
  • Punchcards can not be used for Level 1 classes. Read “Absolute Beginner Course section”
  • Prefer to follow classes from time to time because your work or personal schedule is different each week? Then a PUNCH CARD is a good choice!

One time: 12 Credits

Valid for 7 weeks
This is a one time introductory offer for 12 classes within 7 weeks

This card gives you 10 credits, to be used within 13 weeks

20 Credits

Valid for 6 months

This card gives you 20 credits, to be used within 6 months

30 Credits

Valid for 12 months

This card gives you 30 credits, to be used within 12 months

1 Credit

Valid for 1 month
This credit is valid for one class and needs to be used within a month


  • Would you like to pay cash: contact us upfront: administration(at)salsaconnexion.nl
  • The validity of Punchcards will be extended with Christmas + Summer vacation