Catching up Missed Classes

Catching up Missed Classes
Catching up missed classes is possible. 

– Catch up classes are to be requested at the end of the week of the missed class. This means future classes can not be rescheduled in advance.
– Classes can be caught up no later than 2 weeks after the missed class.
– In order to catch up classes you need to be an active member, meaning you have a active membership or punchcard.
– You can only catch up classes on your dance level.
– When the absolute beginner course has ended, catching up missed classes will not be possible anymore.
– Sign out in the app if you are unable to attend a class. This way you prevent us from asking an assisting dancer who is not needed to dance with the group. (more info click here to download the app)

Send us mail to: administration(at) with your first+last name(s) + emails and the class/dance/time, the weekend before the week of the catch up class. And let us know which classes & dates you missed.
This way we can process all requests in one moment/weekend.