Online Video's/Classes

Become a better, smoother and more confident Dancer

Boost your endorphins and allow yourself that instant feeling of happiness and accomplishment! Work on your fitness in a fun way, increase your self-confidence and get to know new cool moves. 

Who should join these online classes?

  • Anyone that wants to start learning Salsa
  • Any of our already beginner students

Why is this for you!

  • ✅ You will become a smoother and more confident dancer
  • ✅ The course is progressive and will guide you through each step towards a better version of yourself
  • ✅ Understanding the fundaments & building blocks of a dance and how it all connects
  • ✅ You will learn the fundaments & building blocks of a dance and how it all connects
  • ✅ Solo dancing is the foundation for good partner work.

Which course should you follow?

Higher level dancers also learn to dance on2 (NY or New York style) during their Salsa journey. Due to the increase questions from our students about on2 lessons we decide to produce this online courses of Salsa both on1 and On2. This will give you the possibility to build your skills to dance both styles on the dance floor.

So why not both?

Other benefits

  • ✅ You can access these video’s with quality dance knowledge whenever you want
  • ✅ In case you missed something in class, we’ve got you covered here
  • ✅ You get to practice further on your techniques
  • ✅ You do not have to waste time on the internet for answers, we’ve got you covered in one course

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