Medal System

For your dance development it’s important that you give yourself time to learn and practice. Everyone learns at a different pace depending on how many classes you take, the unique talent you have and whether you practice on social dance events. To make sure you start taking classes at a suitable level for you and dance with students at a comparable level, we work with a Medal system.

Medals will be granted after assessment in class. Communicate with your teacher you would like to go to a higher level.

You can request a medal through the Bueno app when registering for a class. If you are new to Salsa Connexion, you’ll have a one-week period in which you can join classes without the required medals. Make sure to ask the instructor if he can assign you the medal for your next visit. The medal will be assigned if the level suits you!

In class the instructors will monitor your development. If you feel like you are ready to move on to a higher level, consult your teacher. He will let you know if you master the techniques required to move on to the next level. If so, you can request your medal in the Bueno app.

Salsa Connexion is working on a way to communicate the techniques and patterns that you need to be able to show on your assessment. This way the student can manage their expectations. More info will follow soon.

TIP: Make sure to have a profile picture in the Bueno app. Our instructors need to see who you are so they can assign your medal!

The assessment of the medal application takes place on location (in the lessons) in consultation with the teacher.

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