About Us

We “Sander and Marilu” specialized in Latin American dances salsa, merengue, bachata, cha cha, mambo, footwork-shines and pachanga.
After years of dance experience and international performances, we have founded our dance school Salsa Connexion in 2014. Our main goal: “to share our passion with others.”
Everyone is welcome at our dance school for a trial lesson to get a feeling for our classes and get to know each other. Fun and experience are central in the lessons. We find it is a must that there is room for you to be yourself and for your development as a dancer/person.
We find It important to maintain and develop our dance skills, knowledge and experience. For us this is the foundation to optimally assist our pupils (from beginners to advanced dancers) in their growth as a dancer.
In addition to teaching and improving our own dance, we are concerned with making choreography. For us this is a special way to challenge ourselves with aspects of dance as creativity, musicality, technique and performance.
Finally, we coach and train dancers who want more than recreational dancing. We do this in the “Salsa Connexion Training & Show Team”. A team in which solidarity, personality and intrinsic motivation and more issues are central and are encouraged.