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8-18 January 2024 - Try Out Classes

Join us for NEW dance classes Salsa, Bachata (Sensual) and Kizomba @ Salsa Connexion Eindhoven! Enjoy recreational classes with detailed explanation in a relaxed atmosphere and make a weekday evening the bright spot of your week!
Become part of our dance community! START DANCING NOW!

✅ From 8-18 January we will have our Try-Out classes for only 5 euro per class (for Absolute Beginner classes).
✅ 22-25 January our absolute beginner courses will start.
✅ Join immediately or take a try-out class.
✅ All classes are in English.
✅ Participate with or without dance partner.
✅ Online registration for try-out is needed due to limited spots available.
✅ Learning to dance allows you to express yourself, meet new people, and have FUN all while getting in shape!
✅ Maximum flexibility by choosing between a Monthly Membership, Punch card or single classes.

🔸Limited spots available for personalized attention

No Regular Classes on:
– Christmas 23 Dec until 7 January
– Monday + Tuesday 12+13 February [Carnaval]
– Monday April 1st [2nd day of Easter]
– Thursday May 9th [Ascension Day]
– Monday May 20th [2nd day of Pentecost]

Our Levels

Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba Level 1: Absolute Beginner (14-18 Classes)

You will learn the fundamental techniques & theory of this Latin dance. You will also learn the dance Merengue to teach how to transfer your weight and develop the first coordinated steps. After this course you will be able to dance short combinations and basic turns, which you can literally use all over the world! After this class you can continue with Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba Level 2: Beginners+.

Salsa / Bachata Level 2: Beginner+ (Ongoing level = no starting or end date)

From Beginner+ onwards, there are no more start and end dates, and there is no longer a course format. It is an ongoing level with drop-in classes several days a week and you can therefore join and participate at any time.

This Salsa class is for people with already some experience in Salsa dance and/or have finished our Salsa Level 1: Absolute Beginner. Please keep in mind that a good foundation of basic techniques is VERY IMPORTANT for the rest of your dancing years to come. To enter Salsa Level 2 you need to have followed 14-18 classes at Salsa Connexion at Salsa Level 1.

Why Beginner+ or Level 1+?

Within Salsa Connexion we see that students need around 30+ classes for a good foundation in order to join Salsa Level 3 in a way that you are comfortable in joining the existing group, where a strong basic foundation is needed to keep up. With completing Salsa 1 and 1+ you will have enough knowledge and experience to join the Salsa Level 3 group.

From Improver & higher levels onwards, there are also no more start and end dates (as this is from the beginner+ level), and there is no longer a course format. It is an ongoing level with drop-in classes several days a week and you can therefore join and participate at any time. Staying in level 3, 4 or for usually goes up to 1 year per level.
For more information about the levels and requirements please go to our Dance and Levels Page, Click here

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