Enroll in your Absolute Beginner Course

If you wish to join an Absolute Beginner course, you can do so by purchasing a course ticket. With this ticket, you are registered for the entire course, covering all lesson weeks in our Bueno Student App. From Level 2 onwards, you can participate via a Monthly Membership or a punch card with credits.

Our Absolute Beginner Courses have either a 60, 75 or 90-minutes class duration. Be sure to check the class schedule for specific details. The choice between 60, 75 or 90 minutes allows you to tailor your learning experience based on your preferred pace and the amount of time you wish to dedicate to each lesson: 

60-Minute Class:
• Suitable for learners who prefer a pace of instruction through the teaching material and exercises.
• Well-suited for those with a busier (dance or work) schedule.

75 or 90-Minute Class:
• More in-depth coverage of each topic.
• Extended practice time for better skill development.
• Greater opportunity for questions and personalized guidance.
• Well-suited for learners who appreciate more exploration of dance techniques.

Start Your Dance Adventure I Join a Class I Enjoy The Experience

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Join our classes and discover your new weekly adventure! ️🧡🍹🌴💃✨🕺🔥


➡️Some of the most popular reasons to start dancing:


🧡 Discover the power of meeting new people!

🧡 Increase your confidence, posture and skills.

🧡 A way to challenge your body and mind.
🧡 Meet our welcoming community & enjoy instant happiness through music, movement and connection!

🧡 Get ready for fun at our weekly classes & social parties!


All classes are in English. Salsa Connexion has lot of expats in their community.

Participate with or without dance partner. Our students help out in our beginner classes.

Dancing is great for couples to work on their connection.

Online registration for try-out is needed due to limited spots available.

Join us now to start immediately.


❗️Next Courses start in August/September 2024.


Course Ticket: For our Absolute Beginner courses we only offer course tickets. 1 time payment and ready to go for the course.
Starting later then week 3 or 4 is not recommended, since it is important to learn the basics. Without dance experience after week 4 we recommend to wait for the next course to start.