Class & Register Information

February 21-24th, New courses

The first class of the series, this is a try-out class at a reduced rate 😉. Don’t forget to register separately for this class online! After the try-out week, you can, in consultation with the teacher, choose which lesson level suits you and register online for the remaining 8 weeks. Of course you can register immediately for the try-out and the course to ensure your spot, if you have no doubts about which lesson level suits you.

How to Register?!

  1. Select your class at
  2. purchase a course-ticket, try-out-ticket or punch card
  3. download our app
  4. use the app to manage your classes and products

QR code needed for dance classes

QR code needed for dance classes, workshops, bootcamps, Practice nights

Joining classes/courses

  • You can register with or without a dance partner.
  • If you come without a dance partner, you will be linked to someone who has also registered without a dance partner.
  • Registration is mandatory and can only be done online via

We ask our students to book in time to be sure of a spot.
In addition to a maximum number of spots, we use an automatic optimization to control the difference between women and men. When the difference becomes too great, new registrations will be added to a waiting list.
Send us email when you signed up for the waiting list to get a direct answer to the possibilities.

As soon as there are new registrations that optimize the balance, spots will be released (for everyone including the waiting list). After that, first come, first served.
Pay attention! people on the waiting list are not automatically registered for the class.

All our classes are in English

Due to the international character of Eindhoven, we have decided to give all our classes in English. 
Yet most of our teachers also speak Dutch. So you can ask your questions in Dutch during class as well 😉

Joining with Punchcard

  • You can join classes up to 30 days in advance.
  • Registration is possible until 4 hours before start of the class.
  • Cancelation is possible until 12AM on the day of the class.

What is my dance level?

We advice our students to think about their dance level and follow the class that suits best on your level. It is totaly normal to repeat a course when you do not master the techniques & theory yet. Also on the middle & higher levels is manditory to follow a dance class/level sometime for more than 2-4 courses (up to 32-isch classes), due to the number of techniques & theory. Feel free to ask questions. We will help you find the right class for you!

When a class offers “modules”, we highly recommend you follow all of them before continuing to a higher level. It does not matter in which of the modules you will start.

Medal requests for the highest level

In order to follow the highest dance levels Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba you need consent from the teacher to participate. The thought behind this is that you need to bring experience & mastery into the class to be able to level with the other students and to avoid injuries (due to the speed and complexity). Contact your teacher when having a medal request or send us email.


  • Follow Salsa 78 (Intermediate) for 24-40 classes, due to the number of techniques and theory on this level. At the Advanced level it is expected for you to master all the intermediate techniques.
  • Bachata Sensual: when new to this style (as. dancer with dance experience). we highly recommend starting at Bachata 34, which has multiple module to lay the foundations needed.
  • Kizomba: Are you new to our dance school and you have dance experience. Then the highest level at which you start in Kiz3+ is to learn the techniques and style in which Kiz4 is built. In consultation with the teacher, it can then be determined whether the level is appropriate.

Guarding the quality of the classes

For your comfort we optimize the balance between Female/Male students in all our classes.
Maximum number of participants so you have enough space to dance in class.

  • We would like to ask our students to whatsapp us when they can not attend the class. this gives us the option the optimize the balance which will benifit the students in class.
  • Absolute beginner participants can join the lateste week 2 (or 3) of the course. After that our experience is that you will be behind in theory and practical skills. Contact us for questions per email.

All classes are paid, including the try-outs

Take into consideration that all classes, including try-outs are paid. Due to a maximum number of spots we strive for the best experience for you to have. To avoid a “no-show” (taking away the opportunity for another person to join) payments must be done upfront.

Download and use the Bueno student app

After your registration you receive a confirmation email and a separate email from Bueno inviting you to download our free student App. It gives you insight to your profile, payments, video lessons and all classes for which you can register or deregister.
Please install the app as it is mandatory to sign up and follow classes!
Didn’t receive an email? Check your junk mail folder and add info(at) and mail(at) to your contact list!

Corona protocols

Our Location is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system that renews the air inside with fresh air from outside.
Government rules are mandatory such as triage on arrival, hygiene rules, 1.5 meters distance from other dance couples, non or reluctant change of dance partner according to current regulations.