Class Information

All our classes are in English

Due to the international character of Eindhoven, we have decided to give all our classes in English. 
Yet most of our teachers also speak Dutch. So you can ask your questions in Dutch during class as well 😉

Joining without Dance partner?

  • You can register with or without a dance partner.
  • If you come without a dance partner, no worries, we will rotate dance partners during our classes.
  • Registration is mandatory and can only be done online via the “Bueno Student App” or “Our Class schedule

How to Register?!

For more information go to our “singing up for classes” page [click here].

Optimalization Female-Male ratio

We ask our students to book in time to be sure of a spot.
In addition to a maximum number of spots, we use an automatic optimization to control the difference between women and men. When the difference becomes too great/big, new registrations can sign up to a waiting listAs soon as there are new registrations that optimize the balance, spots will be released (for everyone including the waiting list). All that signed up for the waitinglist will receive notification in the Bueno app + email. After that, the first to sign up will get the spot.

Download the Bueno student app

For more information go to our “Download our app” page [click here].

Joining with Membership or Punchcard

  • You can join classes up to 30 days in advance.
  • Registration is possible until 3 hours before start of the class.
  • Cancelation is possible until 4 PM [16:00] on the day of the class.
  • Memberships & Punchards are purchased on your name and can only be used for yourself.
  • The Memberships & Punchcards can be used in any class of the regular schedule. It’s not valid for special workshops. In other words: This week you follow Salsa on Monday and Next week you want to follow a Bachata class on Thursday. This is all possible! Students can register per class-date and plan ahead!

Catching up missed classes

For more information go to our “Catching up Missed Classes” page [click here].

Waiting-list, how does it work and why?

For more information go to our “Waiting-List” page [click here].

Medal System

For more information go to our “Medal-System” page [click here].

All classes are paid, including the try-outs

Take into consideration that all classes, including try-outs are paid. Due to a maximum number of spots we strive for the best experience for you to have.
To avoid a “no-show”
 (taking away the opportunity for another person to join) payments must be done upfront.