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Your Dance Adventure Awaits!

What an exciting week it was, the energy was amazing! Thank you so much for attending our Salsa – Bachata – Kizomba try-outs.
We hope you enjoyed the experience at one of the top schools in Eindhoven in Salsa, Bachata (Sensual), Kizomba (Urban) 🤩 .

10 euro Discount code for Absolute Beginner courses [starting 22-25 January 2024]

Discount code: SC10OFF – for Single Course Tickets
Discount code: SC20OFF – for Couple Course tickets

You have until….

Why you should join:
🧡 Meet and Connect with new people, with the music and yourself. 
🧡 Gain confidence and empower yourself with a dance language that you can use all over the world.
🧡 Feel good while dancing, change your state of mind and get some endorphins.
🧡 Dancing is a good workout & good for your health.