Bringing people together through sharing and introducing aspects of different cultures to his students is among the reasons Mose Miano chose to teach urbankiz and kizomba. Helping students understand the connection between culture, musicality and discovering their own inner talent which they can further integrate in their practice as they cultivate their new self and style.

He believes that everyone is unique and therefore always applying the approach that best suites each individual student. He was brought up dancing and with time evolved his own style. He also started up the Afrosession Team (school of dance) and Afrosession Extravaganza (social events). By doing this creating a platform where he invites students from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to practice together, socialize and share experiences. 

Once a year through the Afrosession Team initiative, students are invited to an international dance event in Africa. The goal is to experience the culture from the source where they receive different trainings from not only their own but also other international mentors.

He is currently joining forces with Salsa Connexion based in Eindhoven and active on Monday and Tuesday evenings.