Salsa On2 Beginner Solo Course – Module 2

€ 25


Course description:
This course is the follow-up on beginner module 1, focused on dancing solo.
You will learn 12 different shines + 3 challenges to test your skills (total 15 video’s). The classes are given by Sander and explained step by step. With some practice and the tips given, you can learn to dance from your living room! You get 24 months access to this course.

You get 24 months access to this course.
This module is compatible with the Salsa levels 2,3,4 @Salsa Connexion (even level 5,6 if you don’t have much experience with solo dancing)

Become a better, smoother and more confident Dancer

Why this is for you!

  • ✅ Become more confident in your dance
  • ✅ Follow a progressie curriculum guiding you towards succes
  • ✅ Understanding the fundaments & building blocks of a dance and how it all connects
  • ✅ Access to video’s with quality dance knowledge whenever you need it
  • ✅ Solo dancing is the foundation for good partner work.

More benefits

  • ✅ Learn in your own tempo
  • ✅ Get insights that you missed in class
  • ✅ You can further develop your techniques