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Elevate Your Company Events with Salsa & Bachata Workshops

Infuse energy, dance, and enjoyment into your corporate events, creating a unique blend of learning and bonding.

Dive into the vibrant world of Latin Dance with our workshops, packed with entertainment and insights into various Latin dance styles.

Our approach extends beyond the dance floor, benefiting personal and professional life with valuable insights that can inspire seamless crossovers from the dance floor to the work floor.

Select customized content such as:
• “Thinking and working Outside the Box,”
• “(Non)Verbal Communication,”
• “Leading and Following,”
• “Transitioning from Head to Heart,”
• “Setting Boundaries,” and
• “Harnessing Energy & Thoughts (and Their Impact on Others).”

We offer practical tools and insights for a more effective workday, improved confidence, flow, and colleague communication. Each workshop is tailored to your wishes, ensuring an engaging experience.

Benefits of our workshops

1. Discover a Fresh Perspective: Experience colleagues in a new light by freely expressing through movement and music. Strengthen connections for a more bonded team.
2. Spark Team Unity: Our skilled instructors motivate teams with rhythmic journeys, breaking barriers for enhanced relationships and teamwork.
3. Unleash the Fun Factor: Groove to Latin beats, embrace rhythm, and create unforgettable memories through playful twirls.
4. Guided by Experts: Tailored workshops by experienced instructors for an immersive goal-focused experience.
5. Inclusivity for Everyone: Patient guidance fosters an environment where all shine.
6. Leaving a Mark: Acquired skills seamlessly translate to the workplace, supercharging productivity.
7. Personal Connection & Harmony: Prioritize well-being, reduce stress, and boost concentration.
8. Breaking Barriers, Fostering Empathy: Encourage empathy, collaboration, and a harmonious work environment.
9. Streamlined Workflow: Master leading and following for efficient teamwork and coordination.


We can teach our workshops anywhere! Should you like to choose from our locations, simply ask for our location options and pricing information. Depending on the location, catering options like lunch, coffee, or tea can also be arranged.


Experience our Transparent and Adaptable Pricing for Your Upcoming Event!

At our core, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value to you.

To keep things straightforward, here’s a glimpse of how our pricing works:

🌟 1-hour Workshop Salsa or Bachata of your choice with Dance Demo:
Per Person: A flat rate of €19.99 per attendee.
Sound Equipment: If you opt for a workshop at your chosen venue, we can offer sound equipment and headsets for an added fee. Inquisitive about the specifics? Feel free to reach out for a breakdown of the costs.
Flexibility Defined: Recognizing the diversity of events, we offer a minimum charge of €299 for intimate gatherings. Groups larger than 25 persons, contact us for pricing.

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

If you have questions or need more details, our team is here to help. Please contact us at info(at)

Let’s make your event unforgettable, together!

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